How to Choose OLED or LED.

Let’s make it easy: though the OLED is more expensive, it’s still the best picture technology. Duration At the end of the story. Be clear: While OLDD won the photo competition, a good 19 inch tv still gives a spectacular viewing experience - and the good ones come with the same smart TV features found in the Oled TVs. Add to it, 19 inch tv spend less than ODD TVs - perhaps money-picked or awesome surround sound systems for those killer sound bars that you want.

So you can now leave the rest of this section, unless you want more detail and small TV history.

The first came in the plasma. (However, no one else makes Plasma TVs.) Then LCDs are random (short for liquid crystal display), which was great but there was a serious error. Then the LCD technology has improved and we have got LCD / LED TVs, or just for a short time LED. (These days, most of the TVs are LED TVs.) Then came the Oleed TVs (which stood for the biological illumination diode). Finally, there is something called QLED, but Samsung’s name is special for their high end LED TVs.


Bottom line: You will select a TV with LED or OLED panel technology - and this is what you need to know.

So what is the specific difference between LED and OLED? Here’s how they stack up against each other:


LED TVs are backlit, which means a light bulb in a panel of crystals to create the image. OLED TV is not a backlit. Instead, an OLED 19 inch tv (and we’re talking about 8,847,360 pixels), every single pixel in it turns on and off and adjusts on itself. Results = Pictures that are much superior and more lifelike.


Both LEDs and OLEDs work well in all lighting conditions. LEDs may be even brighter for well-aerial spaces, especially for good and sunny Florida rooms. OLED dimmer rooms are spectacular.



The given LED TV can not go completely dark, the shadow suffers detailed details. With OLED, color pop, black is true of black (which is huge), and the details of contrast and shadows are the truth of life.


Black level

Black black, good contrast And in good contrast, the picture is good. Add to: It’s not just the depth of black, it’s a black colored detail that creates a great image. Bottom line: There is no competition here, OLED black nails.



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